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100_0440.jpgsoo... its been a week since i last wrote. and here it is to keep you up to date.

we had a bad day on friday... first we lost a baby monkey up a tree... but using a large poking device managed to get it down. then the workers bought in a monkey to clinic who was very thin, a little while later she died. we did an autopsy and found that she had a huge worm, which had been eating all her food. apparently there isn't a monkey grave yeard and when a monkey dies it actually gets cremated. then we were just waiting for dinner to be served when we heard a commotion over at one of the enclosures, one of the female monkeys from the intro enclosure had escaped into the main enclosure and without her troop to help she got bitten to pieces. we had to sew her up in clinic which took 2 1/2 hours because each stich has to be individual to stop them pulling out the whole thing and also she was cut open all over the place. she has survived but is clearly in a lot of pain and isn't eating much.

after stiching up the monkey we went to a local club, very cheap drinks!

saturday night we had a braai, which is basically a bbq but we cant call it that!

sunday we went out on the raft, but on our way back (we had to get back to take a girl to the airport) the wind picked up and was blowing us backwards! so we had to pull up on the side and walk through the bush... i did this while carrying a baboon!!! there was then an amazing thunderstorm! it was worst when we were trying to do feed, and there was a river running down to quatentine!

monday i have moved tpo sun city, which is an exclusive resort in SA, they have a problem with baboons and monkeys so we are contracted to shoot at them with paintball guns to get them out of the resort and stop causing problems! its fun and pretty chilled, but with only one other person doing it, it can get boring. luckily we get to drive around a golf course for a few hours each day which keeps us entertained!! google sun city and see how cool this palce is. i will prob be here for 2 weeks because it is a 6 hour drive from riverside.

forgot my cable so cannt upload pics this time. will remember for next.

also pain in my ass that my zen has broken from using my battery thing to charge it up!!! very annoyed having spent so long putting stuff on it before i left!

report again soon!


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I feel better prepared to have children...

after being pooped on by a baboon!

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leia_004.jpg100_0402_1_.jpgArrived safe and well. Trip to Johannesburg was fine, had 2 seats to myself! The plane to Phalaborwa was tiny, but also had a couple of seats to myself. The airport was really beautiful, if I can at some point I will get some photos, cos it is something else!

Arrived the first day and got straight in to cleaning out the croc pond,whcih entailed me holding the thing for a while and getting a dead arm! The next day I had to clean out the baby cage which is somewhat of a challenge, because they are running and jumping all over the place, covered in poo, climbing into my top. Twice a day we feed the animals, and every morning clean out all the cages!

YEsterday was also mother to the 2 baby baboons, which means having them follow you, feed them and fling them around. However, I have quickly found out that if you put liquid in one end, it inevitably comes out of the other and covers you! No time to change clothes, plus you would be doing it every half hour. It does thankfully dry out quite quickly.

facilities are basic, cold showers outside... but I'll live with that.

This is my first chance to get on the internet because we have come into town toget food for the animals. bread from the factory and waste from the supermarket.

Got to go, monkeys to clean!

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5 Days to go


Its getting pretty close now... less than 1 week until I head off on my own to Africa for 3 months! Some people might think I'm insane, others might be extremely jealous that I have the balls to do such a thing... then there are my parents who are no doubt shitting themselves, but are too kind to tell me!!

I've been waiting to do this since I went to Ecuador, and this is just the beginning. I already consider myself to be pretty well travelled, but this time next year I will hopefully have covered all the continents (bar the cold ones, but maybe one day!). But first lets get Africa ticked off!

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