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argh... sitting in the bar where they are playing music and the speaker is right behind me!!!! so getting aheadache, and with there only being one computer people keep coming up to me every minute to ask to be next!!!

anyway, a few things since i last wrote in nairobi.

Monday we went to the giraffe sanctury where we got to kiss the giraffes. i had a nice giraffe saliva wash!!! they stupidly were stock taking the shop when we were there so missed out on all the things we were contemplating buying through the shop window!! after this we went to see the elephants at the sanctuary attached to nairobi national park. this was only for an hour so that they dont get too much human contact. we saw them playing around, but no kissing.

after this i had much trouble trying to exchange the last of my travellers cheques! but got it sorted in the end. in the evening the group split a bit because some people wanted to go to an all you can eat meat buffet, whreas 4 of us decided to go to an ethiopian restaurant. the dishes came served on a giant piece of pancake type bread thing, that you rip off and use to scoop up the food. i had a man wash my hands!!!

tuesday monring we had to pick up 4 new people who are going with our truck from nairobi to either cape town or joburg. so where we used to haev 4 free seats we now have none. the two girls i mentioned before whose compant cancelled their tour have gone on a different truck.

we had a long drive day this day into tanzania (i feel sorry for the 4 new people who had to spent $50 on a kenyan visa for 1 day!!).

wednesday i jumped out of an aeroplane of mount kilimanjaro! i was the first to go, as i had done one before. but we were quite delayed by the clouds and then immigration who did a random check on our car from the campsitre to the airport. the skydive instructers had to go get their passports and take them to immigration. then we arrived at the airport and had to wait til 11, i was supposed to jump at 7!!! there were 13 of us wanting to do it, but unfortuinately only 9 got to. caused some friction ebcause some people who only jsut decided or can do it again in namibia got to do it, whereas some girls who had decided 4 weeks ago to do it did not get to jump.

after this we drove to arusha and had an african buffet.

thursday morning wqe drove to the serengeti. we did not have long in the park this afternoon because we had to get to camp before dark. but i did finally get to see a leopard. my photo isnt very good because it was getting dark and was a little far away, but someone else in my group has a better one i can steal!!! we also saw a lion sitting on a rock. as per usual the camp site was unfenced, heard a lion and some hyena nearby.

the next morning we drove around for longer and saw another leopard, still didnt get a good photo tho. we also saw 4 cheetah!!! an elephant charged us, but we survived!!! and also a lion got a little close for comfort considering we were in smaller jeeps instead of our big truck!!!

we went to visit a maasai village after this, and i managed to leave without getting married! did get an awesome spear tho!!! hope i can get it through customs!!!

we slept at the top of nongoragora crater which was very cold, and a little scary when we pulled into camp to see an elephant. during the ngiht i needed the toilet and was faced with what was either a rhino or a buffalo... either way scary!!!! and the zebra were guarding the loo so i had to pee outside!!!

this morning we drove around the crater and saw the big 5 in one day!!!! the black rhino wasnt really playing ball and was looking mroe like a rock!!! and we didnt see the leopard until we were on our way out and it ran from us so again no photos!!!

off to dar tomorrow and then on to zanzibar!!!

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Hi Leia
Judging by your escapades you won´t want to come home. Still glad all is going ok, not much longer now to seeing you,all our love G & G xxxx

by davaud

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